Opto Isolated signal buffer cape for BeagleBone Black
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Photocoupler cape for BeagleBone Black with integrated video serializer


This cape was originally designed for a CNC milling machine. The opto-I/O was designed to accomidate four stepper axis with limit switches, spindle, coolant, LED light, and more.

The UI section of the cape includes a LVDS serializer compatible with many flatscreen LCDs. Four-wire touchscreen is supported.


15 high-speed outputs (opto)
10 high-speed inputs (opto)
UART TX RX (opto)    
4 opto relay outputs (500mA)
12 bit color LVDS video (CMOS)
4 analog inputs (CMOS)

The outputs are divided into five sections. Each section is powered through seperate V and GND nets.

The input voltage range is 3-6 volts.

5 VDC power source connected to DC power Jack or VDD_5V is required for LVDS.

You can buy an Optocape at the link below.