This is a simple file indexing API server which gives a utility to search through files in a selected directory.
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File Indexer Build Status

This is a simple project which reads files in the directory mentioned in the config file and indexes it. This then can be used to search the files present in the directory.


This is a way of trying to index the logs file in dgplug so that we can easily find the files in which a word has occured in the file.


This assumes that you have Go installed and setup.

pip3 and python3 is what we need for development purpose.

How to install

Note : Right now we are unable to provide binary builds, so have to build the program the regular way or you can build a docker container.

  1. Install git.
  2. Install Go (need a version which supports Go Modules).
  3. Run the following commands :
$ git clone
$ cd dexer
$ make all
$ dexer

To use the program we need a configuration file which is provided by the config.json file. Here is an example of one:

    "RootDirectory": "logs",
    "IndexFilename": "irclogs.bleve",
    "Port": ":8000",
    "LogFile": "logfile"

There are 4 entries :

  • RootDirectory : Location of the logs which we want to search through.
  • IndexFilename : The file where bleve will store all the information related to indexing.
  • Port : The port on which the server will be run.
  • LogFile : The file which will be used to store the logs.


Once everything is working fine install the postman plugin for your browser. And from that plugin you need to hit the endpoint as:


Here, port number passed to the program using the configuration file ,american is the query word that I passed, make sure to open any file in the logs/ directory and find a word to search. It will look like this:

Missing screenshot

Use the Web Front End

You can also visit localhost:<port> to use the web frontend which comes with the program to search.

Web Front End

Run locally using docker

You can run the application using Docker in your local machine. It will use the Dockerfile instructions. Make sure you have Docker installed in your machine.

Run the following commands to build and run the docker image.

$ git clone
$ cd dexer
$ make logs
$ make docker-build # builds docker image
$ make docker-run # runs the image in new container

One has to make sure the logs directory has all the file because dexer runs the indexing at the starting and then keeps it, so if a file is not there it would not index it.