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Specification for Asset-Based Lending smart contract

This repository contains the specification of the smart contract state transition table generation for Asset-Based Lending that can be implemented on the blockchain platform that uses UTXO model, if the platform has the capabilities for expressive enough covenants.

The thechnical details of the smart contract is given in the article:

Description in prose

Aims to describe the contract in a way that links the requirements (what participants want to achieve) with the specification (how the contract makes that possible)

Can be found in ABL-spec-prose.pdf

The source in Restructured Text is in ABL-spec-prose.rst

Specification in TLA+

Can be found in ABL_with_partial_repayments.tla, specifies the variant with partial repayments.

This is a high-level specification, it does not specify the details how the restrictions required for the contract are implemented on the particular blockchain platform

Default values for constants can be found in MC.tla

ABL_with_partial_repayments.pdf is the spec rendered with make pdf

Rendering the prose spec

To generate html from ABL-spec-prose.rst, you neeed: from the docutils package.

For math symbol rendering, MathJax is used.

The generation command needs MATHJAX_URL environment variable to be set to the the url of the MathJax.js file (can be a local file:// url if you are generating the file for local-only viewing).

To generate the html, run:

run make prose

The ABL-spec-prose.pdf in this repository is generated by printing the html file to pdf file from the browser.

Alternatively, any other ways to convert .rst file to the rendered document can be used, but the quality of results may vary.

Working with TLA spec from command line

To run TLC on the spec via included Makefile instead of TLA+ toolbox in unix-like environment, you need tla2tools.jar from or your local TLA+ toolbox installation.

Set environment variable TLATOOLSDIR to the path where tla2tools.jar is located.

Make sure you have java in your PATH

run make check to apply TLC checker

run make pdf to generate PDF file for the TLA+ specification (you need pdflatex to be in your PATH for that)

Note that when doing the model checking from the command line, if you will need to do an exploration of the state log in case some invariant or temporal property is violated, you will need the 1.7.0 of TLA+ tools. For earlier versions, you will need to use GUI of TLA+ toolbox.

You might want to look a the video of how to work with trace log exploration from command line. There's no specific target in Makefile for this at the moment.

Authors and contributors

The contract specification is designed by Dmitry Petukhov

With review and help from Russell O'Connor


TLA+ Specification for Asset-Based Lending smart contract state transition table generation




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