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Opauth strategy for Sina Weibo authentication.

Based on Opauth's Facebook Oauth2 Strategy

Getting started

  1. Make sure your cake installation supports UTF8

  2. Install Opauth-Sina:

    cd path_to_opauth/Strategy
    git clone git:// SinaWeibo
  3. Create Sina Weibo application at

    • It is a web application
      • Callback: http://path_to_opauth/sina_callback
  4. Configure Opauth-Sina Weibo strategy with key and secret.

  5. Direct user to http://path_to_opauth/sinaweibo to authenticate

Strategy configuration

Required parameters:

'SinaWeibo' => array(
    'key' => 'YOUR APP KEY',
    'secret' => 'YOUR APP SECRET'


Opauth-SinaWeibo is MIT Licensed

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