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Simple example project

Simple project demonstrating the use of dgraph-js, the official javascript client for Dgraph.


Start Dgraph server

You will need to install Dgraph v0.9.4 or above and run it.

You can run the commands below to start a clean Dgraph server every time, for testing and exploration.

First, create two separate directories for dgraph zero and dgraph server.

mkdir -p dgraphdata/zero dgraphdata/data

Then start dgraph zero:

cd dgraphdata/zero
rm -r zw; dgraph zero
# If running Dgraph version <= 1.0.2, use the following command instead:
# rm -r zw; dgraph zero --port_offset -2000

Finally, start the dgraph server:

cd dgraphdata/data
rm -r p w; dgraph server --memory_mb=1024 --zero localhost:5080

For more configuration options, and other details, refer to

Install dependencies

npm install

Run the sample code

For Node.js >= v7.6, run:

node index.js

For Node.js < v7.6 or if you don't want to use the async/await syntax, run:

node index-pre-v7.6.js

Your output should look something like this (uid values may be different):

Created person named "Alice" with uid = 0x7569

All created nodes (map from blank node names to uids):
blank-0: 0x7569
blank-1: 0x756a
blank-2: 0x756b
blank-3: 0x756c

Number of people named "Alice": 1
{ uid: '0x7569',
  name: 'Alice',
  age: 26,
  married: true,
  loc: { type: 'Point', coordinates: [ 1.1, 2 ] },
  dob: '1980-02-01T17:30:00Z',
  friend: [ { name: 'Bob', age: 24 }, { name: 'Charlie', age: 29 } ],
  school: [ { name: 'Crown Public School' } ] }


You can explore the source code in the index.js and index-pre-v7.6.js files.