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add linerizability #2287

merged 1 commit into from Apr 4, 2018
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Just for now

@@ -165,15 +165,6 @@ func (n *Node) SetPeer(pid uint64, addr string) {
n.peers[pid] = addr
func (n *Node) WaitForMinProposal(ctx context.Context, read *api.LinRead) error {
if read == nil || read.Ids == nil {
return nil
gid := n.RaftContext.Group
min := read.Ids[gid]
return n.Applied.WaitForMark(ctx, min)
func (n *Node) Send(m raftpb.Message) {
x.AssertTruef(n.Id != m.To, "Sending message to itself")
data, err := m.Marshal()
@@ -335,7 +335,23 @@ func (l *List) addMutation(ctx context.Context, txn *Txn, t *intern.DirectedEdge
hasPendingDelete := (l.markdeleteAll != txn.StartTs) &&
l.markdeleteAll > 0 && t.Op == intern.DirectedEdge_DEL &&
bytes.Equal(t.Value, []byte(x.Star))
doAbort := hasPendingDelete
doAbort := false
if hasPendingDelete {
// commitOrAbort proposals are applied in goroutines and there is no
// fixed ordering, so do this check to ensure we don't reject a mutation
// which was applied on leader.
// Example: We do sp*, commit and then one more sp*. Even If the commit proposal
// was applied on leader before second sp*, that guarantee is not true on
// follower, since scheduler doesn't care about commitOrAbort proposals and second
// sp* can be applied in memory before the commitProposal.
if commitTs := Oracle().CommitTs(l.markdeleteAll); commitTs > 0 {
l.commitMutation(ctx, l.markdeleteAll, commitTs)
} else if Oracle().Aborted(l.markdeleteAll) {
l.abortTransaction(ctx, l.markdeleteAll)
} else {
doAbort = true
checkConflict := false
@@ -58,6 +58,13 @@ func (o *oracle) CommitTs(startTs uint64) uint64 {
return o.commits[startTs]
func (o *oracle) Aborted(startTs uint64) bool {
defer o.RUnlock()
_, ok := o.aborts[startTs]
return ok
func (o *oracle) addToWaiters(startTs uint64) (chan struct{}, bool) {
defer o.Unlock()

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