@manishrjain manishrjain released this Aug 31, 2018 · 214 commits to master since this release

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  • This version introduces tracking of a few anonymous metrics to measure Dgraph adoption (6c89a2e). These metrics do not contain any specifically identifying information about the user, so most users can leave it on. This can be turned off by setting --telemetry=false flag if needed in Dgraph Zero.


  • Correctly handle a list of type geo in json (#2482 , #2485).
  • Fix the graceful shutdown of Dgraph server, so a single Ctrl+C would now suffice to stop it.
  • Fix various deadlocks in Dgraph and set ConfState in Raft correctly (#2548, 4b26b6b).
  • Significantly decrease the number of transaction aborts by using SPO as key for entity to entity connections. (#2556 ).
  • Do not print error while sending Raft message by default. No action needs to be taken by the user, so it is set to V(3) level.


  • Introduce a new /assignIds HTTP endpoint in Zero, so users can allocate UIDs to nodes externally.
  • Add a new tool which retrieves and increments a counter by 1 transactionally. This can be used to test the sanity of Dgraph cluster.