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Tove: Crash vulnerability tests for Badger using the ALICE framework

Tove is named after the Badger character from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

ALICE is a framework developed by the University of Wisconsin - Madison. It's accompanied by a paper named All File Systems Are Not Created Equal: On the Complexity of Crafting Crash-Consistent Applications.

It's important to read this paper to understand how to interpret ALICE output and write/modify ALICE tests.

ALICE Installation

Clone ALICE from This is a Dgraph fork of ALICE that implements some additional features and tweaks to get ALICE running with Badger.

$ git clone

Some dependencies also have to be installed (libunwind and bitvector). On Arch Linux:

# pacman -S libunwind
# pip2 install bitvector

ALICE also relies on environment vars to run. ALICE_HOME must be set to the directory that you cloned ALICE into. ALICE_HOME/bin must be in your path. E.g. on Arch Linux:

$ echo 'export ALICE_HOME=/home/$USER/alice' >> ~/.bashrc
$ echo 'export PATH=$ALICE_HOME/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.bashrc

The alice-strace program must then be installed:

$ cd $ALICE_HOME/alice-strace
$ ./configure
$ make
# make install

By default, the auto load safe path for GDB is too strict for debugging Go applications. One way to fix this is to effectively disable it by allowing loading of any scripts (this could potentially be a security risk):

$ echo "set auto-load safe-path /" >> ~/.gdbinit

Running the Tests

cd into the directory containing a particular test, then run the script. E.g.:

$ cd badger
$ ./
GDB warnings while processing
/home/petsta/go/src/ Loading Go
Runtime support.
ALICE tool version 0.0.1. Please go through the documentation, particularly the
listed caveats and limitations, before deriving any inferences from this tool.
Parsing traces to determine logical operations ...
Warning: trunc_disk_ops called for the same initial and final size, 0
Logical operations:
0       stdout("'start:big\n'")
1       creat("LOCK", parent=1309541, mode='0666', inode=1310326)
2       append("LOCK", offset=0, count=5, inode=1310326)
3       creat("MANIFEST", parent=1309541, mode='0666', inode=1310327)
4       trunc("MANIFEST", initial_size=0, inode=1310327, final_size=0)
5       fsync(".", size=100, inode=1309541)
6       creat("000000.vlog", parent=1309541, mode='0666', inode=1310332)
7       fsync(".", size=120, inode=1309541)
8       append("000000.vlog", offset=0, count=1048670, inode=1310332)
9       append("000000.vlog", offset=1048670, count=1048670, inode=1310332)
10      append("000000.vlog", offset=2097340, count=1048670, inode=1310332)
11      append("000000.vlog", offset=3146010, count=1048670, inode=1310332)
12      append("000000.vlog", offset=4194680, count=1048670, inode=1310332)
13      fsync("000000.vlog", size=5243350, inode=1310332)
14      creat("000001.vlog", parent=1309541, mode='0666', inode=1310337)
15      fsync(".", size=140, inode=1309541)
16      append("000001.vlog", offset=0, count=1048670, inode=1310337)
17      append("000001.vlog", offset=1048670, count=2097340, inode=1310337)
18      unlink("000000.vlog", parent=1309541, inode=1310332, size=5243350, hardlinks=1)
19      creat("000001.sst", parent=1309541, mode='0666', inode=1310342)
20      fsync(".", size=160, inode=1309541)
21      append("000001.sst", offset=0, count=470, inode=1310342)
22      file_sync_range("000001.sst", count=470, offset=0, inode=1310342)
23      append("MANIFEST", offset=0, count=8, inode=1310327)
24      fsync("MANIFEST", size=8, inode=1310327)
25      unlink("LOCK", parent=1309541, inode=1310326, size=5, hardlinks=1)
26      fsync(".", size=160, inode=1309541)
27      fsync(".", size=160, inode=1309541)
28      stdout("'stop:big\n'")
Finding vulnerabilities...
Warning: trunc_disk_ops called for the same initial and final size, 0
Warning: trunc_disk_ops called for the same initial and final size, 0
(Dynamic vulnerability) Atomicity: Operation 9(???)
(Dynamic vulnerability) Atomicity: Operation 10(???)
(Dynamic vulnerability) Atomicity: Operation 11(???)
(Dynamic vulnerability) Atomicity: Operation 12(???)
(Dynamic vulnerability) Atomicity: Operation 16(???)
(Dynamic vulnerability) Atomicity: Operation 17(???)
(Dynamic vulnerability) Atomicity: Operation 18(,  semi-truncated (3 count splits))
(Dynamic vulnerability) Atomicity: Operation 23(garbage written, zero written)
(Static vulnerability) Atomicity: Operation /usr/lib/go/src/syscall/asm_linux_amd64.s:27[syscall.Syscall] (,garbage written,???, semi-truncated (3 count splits) ,zero written)
Done finding vulnerabilities.


Crash vulnerability tests for Badger using the ALICE framework



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