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Features and Fixes

version 0.4 (1/25/2015)

* added missing values validation
* added plotly interface
* O-PLS feature selection validation
* removed view and updated manage
* added custom icons and CSS
* added responsive navigation bar

version 0.3.2 (11/01/14)

* fixed repeated measures ANOVA  

version 0.3.1 (10/09/14)

* fixed fold change calculation bug

version 0.3.0 (09/24/14)

* added normalization module
* added pathway enrichment analysis module under Biochemical
* added volcano plots to pairwise comparisons
* added repeated measures and post hoc test to multi-group comparisons
* added sizing to clustering plots
* added new plot types, stats and fixed minor bugs in the PLot module
* disabled multi Y O/PLS (temporary?) and added O/PLS-DA stats
* new progress indicator