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Welcome to the YoGA_Ao wiki!
-YoGA_Ao is an extension to [[YoGA|]] the Yorick plugin. The main goal of the YoGA_Ao project is to provide fast tools to simulate a wide range of Adaptive Optics systems at various scales.
+YoGA_Ao is an extension to [[YoGA|]] a Yorick plugin providing efficient tools to simulate a wide range of adaptive optics systems at various scales.
Main features include :
@@ -10,10 +10,14 @@ Main features include :
* centroiding on SH spots using various algorithm : center of gravity (COG) , weighted COG, thresholded COG, brightest pixels COG
* more to come ...
- * [[Install YoGA_Ao]]
- * [[YoGA_Ao features]]
- * [[Use YoGA_Ao]]
- * [[Model Description]]
- * [[Benchmarks]]
+[[Install YoGA_Ao]]
+[[YoGA_Ao features]]
+[[Use YoGA_Ao]]
+[[Model Description]]
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