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Lab 9: Finalizing Your Learning Portfolio - Daniel Grichevsky

  1. The purpose of this Git repository is to manage the set of assignments and labs that we have had to complete over the semester.
  2. My favorite assignment was building the server for the notuber assignment. I think it was really cool how we first did the front end portion and then got a chance to do the back end of it. This allowed me to understand how both sides of the client-server operate hand in hand together.
  3. I think I've grown a good amount. The guest lecturers on networking and from actual companies allowed the class to be extremely applicable to the real working world.
  4. Never trust user input - as seen in assignment 4 and networking is key - you never know who you will run into and the opportunity that may arise from a simple conversation!
  5. I want to delve a lot deeper into security.
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