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package jwt
import (
var signingMethods = map[string]func() SigningMethod{}
var signingMethodLock = new(sync.RWMutex)
// Implement SigningMethod to add new methods for signing or verifying tokens.
type SigningMethod interface {
Verify(signingString, signature string, key interface{}) error // Returns nil if signature is valid
Sign(signingString string, key interface{}) (string, error) // Returns encoded signature or error
Alg() string // returns the alg identifier for this method (example: 'HS256')
// Register the "alg" name and a factory function for signing method.
// This is typically done during init() in the method's implementation
func RegisterSigningMethod(alg string, f func() SigningMethod) {
defer signingMethodLock.Unlock()
signingMethods[alg] = f
// Get a signing method from an "alg" string
func GetSigningMethod(alg string) (method SigningMethod) {
defer signingMethodLock.RUnlock()
if methodF, ok := signingMethods[alg]; ok {
method = methodF()
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