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Redl.vim -- Read Eval Debug Loop

This plugin integrates Vim with a running Clojure JVM. It provides a repl that supports breakpoints, documentation lookup, source code navigation, and omnicompletion.


Vim Redl depends on fireplace.vim. Please install fireplace first.

First, you'll need to install this as a Vim plugin. Do that with

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone git://github.com/dgrnbrg/vim-redl.git

You'll need Pathogen so that vim-redl gets loaded. Otherwise, if you are a user of Vundle or NeoBundle, you can just use Plugin 'dgrnbrg/vim-redl' or NeoBundle 'dgrnbrg/vim-redl' respectively to install the Vim component.

Then, you'll need to install the Clojure component. To get this, you just need to add 2 lines to your ~/.lein/profiles.clj.

  • :injections [(require '[redl core complete])] ensure that redl is loaded on jvm startup
  • :dependencies [[redl "0.2.4"]] ensures that redl is available on the classpath

A minimal profiles.clj (including REDL, Spyscope, and lein pprint) would look like:

{:user {:dependencies [[spyscope "0.1.3"]
                       [redl "0.2.4"]]
        :injections [(require 'spyscope.core)
                     (require '[redl complete core])]}}


To access the other repl, use :Repl or :ReplHere. The former opens a new split window containing a repl in the namespace user. The latter opens the repl in the namespace of the current file.

To open this repl in a vertical split (rather than horizontal), you can set this option in your .vimrc:

let g:redl_use_vsplit = 1

The default controls for the repl are:

  • ctrl-e in insert mode evaluates the current line, regardless of cursor position.
  • return in insert mode at the end of the line evaluates the line, otherwise inserts a newline.
  • ctrl-up in insert mode goes up in the history
  • ctrl-down in insert mode goes down in the history

If some of these key bindings don't work on your machine, you can try to redefine them in your .vimrc. For example, to bind moving up in the history to Ctrl-Shift-K:

imap <silent> <C-S-K> <Plug>clj_repl_uphist.

To change other key bindings, the plugs for the repl are:


To use the breakpoint feature, check out dgrnbrg/redl (short version: (redl.core/break), and then (redl.core/continue) in the debug sub-repl).


This feature requires redl to be loaded in the connected JVM, as this plugin uses redl's advanced fuzzy completion engine.


Please, open GitHub issues for bug reports and feature requests. Even better than a feature request is just to tell me the pain you're experiencing, and perhaps some ideas for what might eliminate it.

This plugin was made by borrowing generous amounts of code from vimclojure Meikel Brandmeyer.


Copyright © David Greenberg, Tim Pope, and Meikel Brandmeyer. Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself. See :help license.