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Convert Sweave LaTeX documents to work with knitr.
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ATTENTION: This package is now deprecated- instead use the Sweave2knitr function built into knitr (described here).

Sweave2knitr is a simple Python script that helps to convert Sweave LaTeX documents to be instead compatible with Yihui Xie's knitr package. It is based on and inspired by Jeromy Anglim's blog entry Converting Sweave LaTeX to knitr LaTeX: A case study .

Warning: This conversion is not an exact science. While this catches some of the most common issues faced when converting from Sweave to LaTeX, there are a virtually infinite number of special cases that will have to be handled. Furthermore, this is a very early version that has been tested on only a few documents. Try it on your own Sweave documents: contributions are strongly encouraged!


You can install Sweave2knitr from the Python Package Index using:

easy_install Sweave2knitr

or using pip:

pip install Sweave2knitr

(On Linux or Macs, you might need to add sudo to the start of each command). You can also install it from source:

python build
python install


If infile.Rnw is your Sweave LaTeX file, use

Sweave2knitr infile.Rnw outfile.nw

You can then use

Rscript -e "library(knitr); knit('outfile.nw', 'outfile.tex')"
pdflatex outfile.tex

To create the .tex file and turn it into a PDF.

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