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This dockerfile build a dockerized ikiwiki server. Ikiwiki is a git backend based wiki engine. You can find more information on ikiwiki here

The docker image is based on debian/jessie, the web server used is lighttpd. A ssh server is also started in order to be able to use the git workflow with ikiwiki. An user can connect through ssh server with the user www-data. The public part of a ssh key must be copied to the container in order to be able to reach it through ssh. A volume is required to make the initial data import to the container local repository.

How to build the image

The docker image can be built with this command:

docker build -t ikiwiki:latest .

How to run the container

docker run -v <local git repository>:/wiki -p 2222:22 -p 8080:80 ikiwiki:latest

The container can also be run from the pre-built image on docker hub with this command:

docker run -v <local git repository>:/wiki -p 2222:22 -p 8080:80 dgsb/ikiwiki

The wiki server will be accessible through:

The container repository can be added as a remote in the local git repository:

git remote add docker ssh://www-data@

How to setup the ssh key

The following commands makes the remote git repository accessible through ssh. The key name may need to be updated to your specific usage.

docker cp ${HOME}/.ssh/ "${container}":/tmp/
docker exec $container install -d -m 700 -o www-data -g www-data /var/www/.ssh
docker exec $container install /tmp/ /var/www/.ssh/authorized_keys


A dockerized ikiwiki server





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