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BDD Dojo with JBehave


This should first be run by the presenter who will show the basic operations of the SimpleFixture running, and locating the story file. Show the reported outcome which will contain the code for the steps classes.

Talk about the importance of outside in thinking and the use of the Driver class to delegate to.


Take one of the following scenarios and create a test, fixture, driver and other domain/utility classes to drive out the solution (focus on the readability of the code and the separation of concerns):

Clicking on a File ... button opens an open File Dialog

test --> fixture --> DSL --> page object --> driver

Tennis scores

given 15/15 when server wins then 30/15

Bank account

given 0 balance when deposit 10 then balance is 10

Questions for the audience

  1. How did they find outside in approach to ATDD?
  2. Whats a better name for the `Driver' class
  3. How well abstracted is it all?


  1. Intellij
  2. Plugins: TestDox, JBehave Support
  3. JVM
  4. A network connection