Drupal Services implementation module for Python
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Python Drupal Services is a little module that lets you use Drupal Services in Python.

It's loosely based on several pieces of code found elsewhere:

 * http://drupal.org/project/Python_Services
 * http://www.speakingx.com/blog/2008/11/21/testing-out-drupals-service-module-using-python
 * http://drupal.org/node/308629

It can be found at http://github.com/guaka/python_drupal_services

dgtlmoon's D7 fork at https://github.com/dgtlmoon/python_drupal_services

(Tested with username/password combo but no API KEY in Drupal7/XMLRPC settings)

After placing your username/password into the config.py, after executing it should print the
output of the node it created

# ./drupal_services.py 
New node id: 56
Node title: Just a little test 
Node body: Ordenar bibliotecas es ejercer de un modo silencioso el arte de la critica.
--- Jorge Luis Borges. (1899-1986) Escritor argentino.