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Wings3D is an advanced sub-division 3D modeller.
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psd Clean-up of Windows icon.
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src Fixed Two/One mouse support in the menus
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tools Fixed the pattern baking fail in the AutoUV as reported by tkbd.
unix Create Unix desktop and appdata files
win32 On Win32 add --debug to show werl window
.gitattributes Treat batch file as binary files - assume they always have CRLF line …
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AUTHORS Mentioned a few more people.
BUILD.unix Update notes and build instructions
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CodingGuidelines auto-import fixes for erlang 14B
Makefile remove old fonts
OLD-NOTES Added Notes-2 and removed old notes files
README Corrected README typo
README-20.txt Renamed so that it is automaticly display on download page at sourcef… NOTE: Added a Japanese translation provided by Tsukubado(tkbd), thank…
WINGS-VERSION-GEN Re-add branch name if we are not on tagged version
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Wings3D is an advanced sub-division modeller inspired by the Nendo
and Mirai modellers from Izware.

Wings on the net

If you need help

The Wings users at

are generally helpful. There is also thread there for
posting bug reports.

System Requirements for Running Wings

A working OpenGL driver. There will never be a version
of Wings for DirectX.

How to build Wings 3D

If you want to build Wings yourself, you'll need to download
the source tar file from

Build instructions are found in one of the following text files
included in the source tar file.

BUILD.unix	How to build for a unix-like system, such as
		GNU Linux or MacOS X.

BUILD.win32	How to build for Microsoft Windows.
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