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0493ff0 @bjorng Release notes for 1.2.rc1
bjorng authored Nov 1, 2009
1 Notable new features in 1.2 (compared to 1.0.2)
2 ===============================================
4 * The object mode (vertex color/material) for objects has
5 been eliminated.
7 Instead materials have a Vertex Colors setting that can be
8 "Ignore" (don't use vertex colors; default for new materials),
9 "Set" (to use vertex colors instead of the colors in the material),
10 and "Multiply" (to multiply vertex colors with the diffuse texture).
12 The material "default" has "Set" as the value for the "Vertex Colors"
13 property, meaning that if you assign vertex colors to face having
14 the "default" material, the vertex colors will be visible.
16 There is a new command (with a sub-menu) in the body mode menu called
17 "Vertex Attributes".
19 When opening a .wings file written by Wings 1.1.7 or earlier, the
20 object modes for the objects in the file will be ignored. If there
21 are vertex colors, they will be visible on faces that have
22 the 'default' material assigned. For faces with other materials,
23 the colors or textures in the material will be shown (even if
24 the object was in vertex color mode).
26 When saving a .wings file in this version of Wings and opening
27 it in an older version of Wings, all objects will be in
28 material mode (even if they have vertex colors).
30 * Wings have had the _hole_ material for a long time to fake
31 holes by marking faces that should not be included when exporting.
33 There is a new Face|Hole command to create a holes
34 that looks like holes also in the Geometry window.
36 To remove a hole, select a face adjacent to the hole and RMB
37 click on the Face|Hole command to create a face to cover the
38 hole.
40 When loading old .wings files, all faces containing the _hole_
41 material will be converted to the new type of hole.
43 If you load a .wings file saved with this version of Wings in
44 an old release, the holes will become hidden faces, but they
45 will NOT have the _hole_ material (i.e. they will not behave
46 as holes when exported).
48 * The smooth proxy is now updated directly when invoking
49 interactive commands.
51 * Menu Cleanup: Consolidated Extrude with Extrude Region and Extract Region with
52 Extract Faces. Since there is now only one heading each for Extrude and
53 Extract, the mouse buttons that activate specific commands have been changed.
55 * Collada export. Objects including UV coordinates and materials
56 are exported. Lights and cameras are not exported yet.
58 * New in Tools menu: Ambient-Occlusion Generator/Baker. It works on a per-
59 vertex basis and uses a standard inside-out approach. Mesh subdivision
60 yields more accuracy. The results are stored in the vertex-colors and can
61 also be baked to a texture through AutoUV.
63 * Many improvements and bug fixes in the Tweak mode.
65 * The Wavefront (OBJ) exporter will now export smoothing
66 groups based on the hard edges in the model.
68 Eliminated annoyances
69 =====================
71 * If View|Scene Lights has been turned on, but the scene
72 contains no lights, the usual modeling lights will be turned on
73 instead so the objects do not turn black.
75 * When displaying objects that have a virtual mirror face in
76 the smooth preview mode (i.e. turning off workmode by pressing TAB),
77 the seam between the real part of the object and mirror image will
78 now be soft.
80 Performance
81 ===========
83 * Picking (i.e. finding out which face is under the mouse
84 cursor) is no longer done using OpenGL, but by our own
85 C code, which is both faster and more reliable.
87 * The internal data structures for edge and vertex tables require
88 less memory than in Wings 1.0, which should also improve
89 peformance.
91 * The display code has been extensively rewritten and now uses
92 vertex buffers in OpenGL. It should be faster in most
93 circumstances.
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