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Ggaliens/centroid by volume #9

wants to merge 3 commits into from

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OK. This is updated centroids pull request on same branch. Spacing addressed.
link provided.


I didn't mean for the other comments to disappear. What I did was re-pull my original branch down. Maybe I did more than that. Anyway ... I'm still learning GIT process.


OK ... a bit more fussing around. I really should be in bed.
I wanted to make sure to treat / add volume as discrete method at same time as adding centroid since they are so strongly related. I also notice that my prior commit of centroid was not optimized as it still played with Area the same way Scorpius had his function which was called area_volume. For centroid, area was just ignored ... so for optimizations sake ... I thought it very proactive to get rid of the area expressions since they were effectively code-lint.


B.T.W. If a manifold has negative volume ... it is inside out. Pretty cool/basic use of volume.


Dan ... Hope you see this I'm needing to catch a bad arith when volume is ZERO and use fallback scheme.
This is needed for centroid of "FLAT OBJECTS" with zero volume, and oddball case ... but I ran into it. So added the



@dgud dgud closed this
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Commits on Mar 19, 2011
Commits on Mar 22, 2011
  1. Add volume calc for a we while we are handling centroid since they ar…

    Mark Whittemore authored
    …e related
Commits on Mar 30, 2011
  1. Make a fix to centroid contributions.

    Mark Whittemore authored
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Showing with 44 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +44 −1 src/wings_we.erl
45 src/wings_we.erl
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
- create_mirror/2,freeze_mirror/1,break_mirror/1]).
+ create_mirror/2,freeze_mirror/1,break_mirror/1,centroid/1,volume/1]).
@@ -1204,3 +1204,46 @@ validate_vertex_tab(#we{es=Etab,vc=Vct}) ->
#edge{ve=V} -> ok
end, array:sparse_to_orddict(Vct)).
+%%% Centroid by vol weighted tetrahedron centroids. Paper only talks about vol
+%%% But for constant mass and tetrahedron shapes,
+%%% Centroid calculation is a natural fallout (ggaliens)
+centroid( #we{}=_We ) ->
+ We = wings_tesselation:triangulate(_We),
+ #we{fs=Ftab}=We,
+ MyAcc = fun(Fi, {{Tx,Ty,Tz}, VTotal }) ->
+ {Vol,{CX,CY,CZ}} = centroid_parts(Fi,We),
+ {{Tx+Vol*CX,Ty+Vol*CY,Tz+Vol*CZ},Vol+VTotal}
+ end,
+ Fs = gb_trees:keys(Ftab),
+ {{X,Y,Z}, VolumeT } = lists:foldl(MyAcc, {{0.0,0.0,0.0},0.0} , Fs),
+ case catch {X/VolumeT,Y/VolumeT,Z/VolumeT} of
+ {_,_,_}=Centroid ->
+ Centroid;
+ _ -> %% caught a bad arith error more than likely zero volume, apply fallback scheme
+ #we{vp=VPos}=_We,
+ TempDict = array:sparse_to_orddict(VPos),
+ e3d_bv:center(e3d_bv:box([Point || {_,Point} <- TempDict]))
+ end.
+centroid_parts(Face, We) ->
+ [V1,V2,V3] = wings_face:vertex_positions(Face, We),
+ Bc = e3d_vec:cross(V2, V3),
+ Volume = e3d_vec:dot(V1, Bc)/6.0,
+ Centroid = e3d_vec:average([V1,V2,V3,{0.0,0.0,0.0}]),
+ {Volume,Centroid}.
+volume(#we{}=We0) ->
+ We = wings_tesselation:triangulate(We0),
+ #we{fs=Ftab}=We,
+ VolList = [volume_1(Face, We) || Face <- gb_trees:keys(Ftab)],
+ lists:sum(VolList).
+volume_1(Face, We) ->
+ [V1,V2,V3] = wings_face:vertex_positions(Face, We),
+ Bc = e3d_vec:cross(V2, V3),
+ e3d_vec:dot(V1, Bc)/6.0.
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