Utility for parsing Bro log files into CSV or JSON format
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A lightweight utility for programmatically reading and manipulating Bro IDS log files and outputting into JSON or CSV format. This library works on both Python 2 and Python 3.


The following example first loads records from the Bro connection log named conn.log. The data is the written out to a file named out.json. The name of the log file to read must be provided when creating the ParseBroLog class. You can use the safe_headers=True option in the to_json method to replace all instances of a dot with an underscore.

from parsebrologs import ParseBroLogs

log_data = ParseBroLogs("conn.log")
with open('out.json',"w") as outfile:

This is another example that instead uses the to_csv method to write the data out to a file named out.csv. This example shows filtering on specific fields within the log file. Field names should be provided as list elements.

from parsebrologs import ParseBroLogs

log_data = ParseBroLogs("conn.log", fields=["ts", "id.orig_h", "id.resp_h"])
with open('out.csv',"w") as outfile:

If you are planning to open the csv using Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice, you might want to use the to_escaped_csv() method. This adds quotes around the data escaping any commas or other special characters that cause problems with csv viewers.

from parsebrologs import ParseBroLogs

log_data = ParseBroLogs("conn.log"])
with open('out.csv','w') as outfile:

If you are planning on using pandas to manipulate the data, you can use the to_raw_data method directly with Pandas constructor. Because the to_json() method returns the json data as a string, you should use the json library to convert out of string format.

from parsebrologs import ParseBroLogs
import pandas as pd
import json

log_data = ParseBroLogs("conn.log", fields=["ts", "id.orig_h", "id.resp_h"])
df = pd.DataFrame(json.loads(log_data.to_json()))

Special Thanks

  • @geekscrapy: For bug fixes and the safe header feature addition