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React Production Build PSA

The React Developer Tools extension displays an icon indicating if the current website is running a development, production, or out of date build of React.

Development: development icon

Production: production icon

Out of date: out of date icon

Websites should use the production build to reduce the build size and improve runtime performance. The production build excludes warning messages that are helpful during development. Turning on production mode can also help if other packages contain development-specific code.

These are websites that I have noticed using the development build in production. The intention is not to shame them. Using the development build in production is an easy thing to overlook since the website will still function without obvious issues. Rather, the goals are to 1) increase awareness of the production build and 2) hopefully get the attention of the developers behind these websites so that they can make the change.


Create pull requests to add or remove entries from the list. I try to contact the websites to let them know about the issue. If you're adding one, let me know if you have already tried to contact them or if you would like me to do so.

Please do not create a pull request if the website is using an out of date build. Turning on the production build should be an easy and safe change, but upgrading React might involve much more significant changes, depending on the code base. Developers also probably already know that React releases new versions regularly.




PSA for developers to use the production build of React







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