Trackpad-oriented window manager for macOS
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Penc is yet another window manager app for macOS. Instead of complicated keyboard shortcuts, Penc is designed for trackpad usage.



  • Double press and hold Command Key (⌘) to activate Penc
    • Drag with two fingers to move the window
    • Pinch with two fingers to resize the window
    • Fast swipe with two fingers to snap the window into halves/quarters
  • Release Command Key (⌘) to take effect

Download & Installation

  • Download latest dmg file from Releases page
  • Mount and open that dmg file
  • Copy the application into Applications folder
  • Run the application from Applications folder
  • Penc will request to access accessibility features on first run
  • Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility, allow Penc
  • Run the application again

System Requirements

Penc currently supports just macOS High Sierra (10.13).

Common Issues

Pinch to resize is not working

In order to detect pinch gesture, Zoom in or out option must be turned on under the System Preferences > Trackpad > Scroll & Zoom

Build & Running

# Install dependencies
pod install

# Open workspace
open Penc.xcworkspace