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@dgutov dgutov released this Apr 15, 2019 · 3 commits to master since this release

  • Faster JSON parsing using the native JSON support (requires Emacs 27 built 2019-04-13 or later).
  • Faster JSON generation on the server.
  • Better navigation to constant definitions. Including jumping to "plain" constants, as well as modules that have no methods defined (for best performance install GNU Grep). Better filtering out of irrelevant files.
  • Sorts "jump to module" locations, putting gems at the end.
  • robe-completing-read-func defaults to nil, to follow completing-read-function overrides by third-party packages automatically.
  • If .robe exists in the project root, robe-start loads it into the REPL.
  • global-robe-mode added.
  • Added completion for local and instance variable names, as well as "jump to definition" support. The implementation is imprecise, but fairly robust.
  • Fixed Ruby syntax highlighting in documentation buffers in Emacs 27.
  • Uses properly prefixed cl functions.
  • Assorted fixes and improvements.
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