See Twitter's emotional state, in real-time
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Twitter Emotion Graphs

Twitter Emotion Graphs shows you the emotional state of Twitter in real-time.

TEGs uses the Twitter Streaming API, Synesketch's EmpathyScope, and Ruby-Processing to get tweets streaming in real-time, compute emotion values, and display them in a visually dynamic fashion.


Before using TEGs, install ruby-processing:

$ sudo gem install ruby-processing

Next, in the twitter_emotion_graphs directory create a config.yaml file. You can copy from the included config.yaml.sample, but replace the relevant text with your twitter credentials. It should look something like the following:

# /twitter_emotion_graphs/config.yaml
username: dguttman
password: snowflake

Lastly, run TEGs using ruby-processing's "rp5 run" command:

$ rp5 run twitter_emotion_graphs.rb

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