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@dguzek dguzek released this Jun 2, 2019


This is the v4.8.4 release of Simply Love for StepMania 5. It is a nice little update that focused on bug fixes and smaller new features.

Please note that this requires StepMania 5.0.12 or StepMania 5.1-beta. Future releases of SM5.1 should also work fine.

Older versions of SM5 are not supported. SM5.2 is not supported.

Bug Fixes

Lots of Fixes for Graphs

This release fixed multiple issues with the various graphs throughout the theme.

The previous release introduced a bug in which the note density graph in the Step Statistics side-pane would be pushed far offscreen for very longs songs. This was fixed in 156fe63 and 476fea6.

Songs that use "split BPMs" sometimes resulted in graphs that were incorrectly sized. This was fixed in in 44a1c6c and e444a94.

On ScreenEvaluation, the offset histogram was drawn more efficiently in 58b3df2 and the smoothing procedure was slightly improved in fe7ea72.

Quad star grades should no longer have histograms where the edges are accidentally smoothed into "Excellent" territory, FECs should not be accidentally smoothed into the "Great" window, and so on. You strove to be accurate; the graph should, too.

QR Code Fixes

People who modify Simply Love to support musicrate mods beyond 2 digits of decimal precision (for example, 1.573 musicrate) found that GrooveStats did not accept their scores via QR code. This was fixed in 156e55c.

We also found that .sm and .ssc files often specify their BPMs with different precision (for example, 128.000 bpm vs. 128.000000 bpm), which complicated GrooveStats integration with QR codes. It was resolved in 6a45add and Archi has updated GrooveStats to accommodate.

Better Support for Multiple Copies of Simply Love Being Installed

I always recommend upgrading to the most recent version of Simply Love available, but I also recognize that many players have several different copies of Simply Love installed simultaneously. With that in mind, a few small improvements were made to help with this.

If you're in the operator menu to switch to a different theme, the list of themes will display folder names. What might have previously been a list like (Simply Love, Simply Love, Simply Love) might now be a list like (Simply Love, Simply Makkyla, Simply Unprofessional). The title screen also now uses the theme's folder name to more clearly identify which version of Simply Love you're currently running.

Please note that once you switch to another version, these^ fixes will not carry over into that version of Simply Love until the authors of those forks are up-to-date with mainline 4.8.4.

Small Fixes and Improvements

  • support for more emojis 🔥💯; see 38d5d88
  • toasties were too spooky and have been suppressed; see 4f5c59c
  • Devon's Rainbowmatic judgment graphic is included for Competitive and ECFA; see ea85020
  • the snowfall animation that occurs in December should perform much better now; see 686a8cf
  • fixed a surprisingly serious input-related bug on SelectMusic that (surprisingly) no one ever reported; see 5ebe8d2
  • fixed a Lua error when adjusting sync in gameplay; see 264cd95
  • screen for managing local profiles fixed for 4:3 displays
  • saved UserPrefs in local profiles are now validated for ScreenSelectProfile; see 1e611be

Other Notes

I made an effort to document bugs I'm aware of but haven't fixed yet using inline comments throughout the theme's code. They are all tagged using FIXME:, so if you clone the theme, you can grep for that.

I tried to include both technical and historical/community-based details to help give issues context. If you're looking to contribute, any of these would be a great place to start!

Change Summary

For a full summary of changes between v4.8.3 and v4.8.4, check GitHub's comparison of the two.

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