Hacky module to make a sopel bot listen for text sent to a socket and send it to IRC. Mostly a proof of concept, meant to be forked and customized for specific uses.
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Proof that it is possible to have a Sopel bot say text sent from outside IRC.


The script to send a message to the socket assumes the default IP and port, and assumes /bin/bash is available. It should work on any *nix system, but it should be possible to do something similar on Windows (pull requests welcome with e.g. a BAT file).


  • Put sockmsg.py in your Sopel bot's modules directory (and add sockmsg to core.enable if needed)
  • Set TARGET variable as desired, e.g. #mybot or nick,#channel
  • Put sendsockmsg.sh anywhere it's convenient, e.g. the current directory (./)
  • (re)start Sopel
  • Call e.g. ./sendsockmsg.sh test message through socket

Alternatively, create a long-lived connection to the listening socket and send a line whenever you want the module to post a message (terminated by \n).