A plugin for YOURLS (the self-hosted URL shortener) that disables tracking clicks on shortened URLs for logged-in users.
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Don't Track Admins

a plugin for YOURLS by dgw

with contributions by fenuz (adding filters after other plugins loaded)


Don't Track Admins checks to see if the user requesting a link is logged in to the YOURLS installation. If so, it short-circuits the click-tracking and redirect logging routines in YOURLS' redirect handler.


This README is a work in progress, in the same vein as the plugin.


  • A YOURLS instance
    • All the server software required to run YOURLS
    • At least version 1.5.1 of YOURLS (for plugin architecture and hooks)

That's it. Don't Track Admins doesn't need anything fancy in your server configuration.


Two easy ways of installing Don't Track Admins on your YOURLS site: Git or FTP

Via Git (simplest)

  1. SSH into your server and cd [YOURLS_ROOT]/user/plugins
  2. git clone git://github.com/dgw/yourls-dont-track-admins.git dont-track-admins
  3. Activate the plugin from the YOURLS dashboard

Updating is also really simple: Just git pull origin to update the plugin.

Via FTP (more leg work)

  1. Download a Don't Track Admins release from http://tbbl.es/dta-latest
  2. Unzip the archive
  3. Upload the plugin folder to [YOURLS_ROOT]/user/plugins
  4. Activate the plugin from YOURLS' dashboard


  • v0.1 (2011-09-18):
    • Initial test version
  • v1.0 (2011-09-19):
    • Catch other tracking function too
    • "Release"


The Don't Track Admins plugin is released under the GNU General Public License, version 3 (GPLv3). Complete license text can be found in the "COPYING" file.