Python code to generate tones representing exoplanet systems (saves them to wav files)
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This Python repo creates music, where each exoplanet creates a note based on:

i) The period of the planet (how often the note is played)

ii) The radius of the planet (the pitch of the note, and amplitude)

The scripts behave as follows: - generates tones based on hardcoded data - generates tones for a single system based on Open Exoplanet Catalogue Data - generates tones for a blend of multiple systems based on Open Exoplanet Catalogue data - parses the entire Open Exoplanet Catalogue and generates notes for all entries (note this isn't working properly at the moment)

This code relies on the wavebender module to generate tones and save them to wave files: handles all the calls to wavebender, plus the extraction of exoplanet data, which is taken from a local copy of the Open Exoplanet Catalogue

The path to the catalogue is stored in, and should be modified accordingly before use.