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Simple Monitor for Plasma

A simple monitor for plasma, completely written in QML and Javascript.


  • Plasma 5 (Plasma Shell) (better use Plasma >= 5.10 with plasmoid autoresize fix)

Extra Dependencies For CMake

Only needed if you use cmake to install this widget.

  • CMake >= 2.8.12
  • Extra CMake Modules (extra-cmake-modules)
  • Plasma Framework Development Package (plasma-framework-devel)



If you need localisation (i18n/l10n) support, please use cmake to install this widget to your system-wide directory. You also would need root permission.

git clone plasma-simpleMonitor
cd plasma-simpleMonitor
mkdir build
cd build
sudo make install

Plasma PKG

This way may be more convenient, but localisation support is not possible via plasmapkg2. This widget will be installed into your home directory.

Replace the version number as needed.

Installing from .plasmoid file:

plasmapkg2 -i plasma-simpleMonitor-0.6.plasmoid

For upgrade, run plasmapkg2 -u plasma-simpleMonitor-0.6.plasmoid instead.

Installing from sources:

git clone plasma-simpleMonitor
cd plasma-simpleMonitor/plasmoid
plasmapkg2 -t plasmoid -i ./plasmoid

For upgrade, run plasmapkg2 -t plasmoid -u ./plasmoid instead.


Simple way for make plasmoid package:

git clone plasma-simpleMonitor
cd plasma-simpleMonitor/plasmoid
zip -r plasma-simpleMonitor.plasmoid contents metadata.desktop


Use script to launch and debug plasma-simpleMonitor plasmoid without install it. Use script to clean sources from files generated by

If you love QtCreator IDE visit the wiki for more details.


Simple Monitor for Plasma is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3 or later.

You can modify or/and distribute it under the conditions of this license.

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