Java library for reading traveling salesman, vehicle routing, and Hamiltonian cycle problem instances from the TSPLIB collection.
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A Java library for TSPLIB


TSPLIB is a collection of traveling salesman, vehicle routing, and Hamiltonian cycle problem instances and a file format for storing instance data. TSPLIB4J is a Java library for reading and processing TSPLIB instance data. TSPLIB4J is licensed under the MIT license.



Unix/Linux users can run the bash script to download and setup the TSPLIB problem instances.

For Windows users, first create a data/ directory and the subfolders listed below. Next, download any or all of the TSPLIB problem instances. Finally, extract the problem instances into the appropriate folder.


Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP)

TSPLIB4J provides the necessary methods to load TSP problem instances, save and load tours, and provides useful methods for validating and calculating the distance of tours.

TSPProblem problem = new TSPProblem(new File("./data/tsp/pcb442.tsp"));
problem.addTour(new File("./data/tsp/pcb442.opt.tour"));
for (Tour tour : problem.getTours()) {

Additional Problem Types

TSPLIB4J also provides support for Hamiltonian cycle problems (HCP), asymmetric traveling salesman problems (ATSP), sequential ordering problems (SOP), and vehicle routing problems (VRP). For example, the code snippet below demonstrates working with a HCP instance.

TSPProblem problem = new TSPProblem(new File("./data/hcp/alb1000.hcp"));
problem.addTour(new File("./data/hcp/alb1000.opt.tour"));

for (Tour tour : problem.getTours()) {

Displaying Solutions

Problem instances and tours can be quickly displayed in Java GUIs using the built-in TSPPanel Swing panel.

TSPProblem problem = new TSPProblem(new File("./data/tsp/gr120.tsp"));
problem.addTour(new File("./data/tsp/gr120.opt.tour"));

TSPPanel panel = new TSPPanel(problem);
panel.displayTour(problem.getTours().get(0), Color.RED);
JFrame frame = new JFrame(problem.getName());
frame.getContentPane().setLayout(new BorderLayout());
frame.getContentPane().add(panel, BorderLayout.CENTER);
frame.setSize(500, 400);

Optimization Example

The file provides an example of optimizing a traveling salesman problem using the MOEA Framework library. To run this example, you must first download the compiled binaries for the MOEA Framework. Next, you'll need to include the .jar files in the lib/ directory when compiling and running the TSPLIB4J code. Finally, run TSPExample. TSPExample creates a GUI showing the evolution of the optimal solution from the initial random population to the final optimal solution discovered by a genetic algorithm.

The current example solves the data/tsp/pr76.tsp problem instance, as shown in the screenshot below. The red line shows the best tour found so far and the gray lines show alternate routes being searched by the genetic algorithm.

Screenshot of TSPLIB4J

Other Open Source Libraries

  • MOEA Framework - A Free and Open Source Java Framework for Multiobjective Optimization
  • DGantt - A simple yet powerful Gantt chart library for Java 1.6 and later