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Kalman Filter for Quadrotor GPS
Required Libraries

Quadcopter Software Repository

Here you can find relevant Arduino and MATLAB code for the custom Arduino quadcopter projects on The individual projects and writeups are linked below with further instructions on how to use the code for your own Arduino UAVs.

Arduino Quadcopter: I built an Arduino-based quadcopter and handheld controller. An introduction to this project is at The code files associated with this project are Quadcopter Transmitter and Quadcopter Receiver.

Arduino Rover for Mapping: I built an Arduino-based rover that records the locations of obstacles. This project was my attempt to implement very crude simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). An introduction to the rover project is at

Kalman Filter for Quadrotor GPS: My team and I made a Kalman Filter based estimation scheme for quadrotors equipped with GPS receivers. We implemented a Kalman Filter in MATLAB and in Arduino. The Arduino implementation is compatible with the Arduino Quadcopter from above.

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