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pronounced as: daf-sek

the "Dlt (distributed ledger technology) Hardware And Firmware Standards Engineering Committee"

As blockchain technologies become increasingly accepted and widely deployed, hardware designers and manufacturers are inevitably developing and testing new designs which are optimized for blockchain applications and infrastructures. The benefits of hardware ASIC accelerators are well known for blockchain proof-of-work mining. But hardware re-optimization is appropriate and can result in large performance improvements across all categories of computational equipment including peer nodes and network infrastructure.

  • DHAFSEC is building an international committee of experienced hands-on engineers who represent these hardware designers, manufacturers, integrators, and fabs.

  • DHAFSEC members understand the value of cooperation to advance the state of the art and to develop specifications for interoperability and compatibility.

  • DHAFSEC members also understand the value of working with open source project developers. DHAFSEC hardware and firmware co-developed with software can be leveraged to increase and to defend project-specific competitive advantages.

  • DHAFSEC members are aware that some mainsteam standardization groups may have interest in this field, but judge that they may be corrupted by political and corporate interests, and choose to contribute their efforts outside of those organizations.

  • DHAFSEC members are expected to share and to defend the principles on which bitcoin was founded, and are required to agree to a roadmap under which all DHAFSEC standards and designs will eventually be made open source including all schematics and all reasonable design details necessary for manufacturing. Moreover, members are required to disclose any current or pending patents on IP which they are aware of, and to agree to license all such IP under 'Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory' (RAND) terms. However, it is understood as a matter of practicality that a closed source model is initally necessary in order to gain the minimum critical mass needed to prevent being controlled or blocked by those other organizations, their supporters, or private interests. The roadmap details and timeline are currently under discussion.

  • DHAFSEC's scope for standards includes not only product features and electrical interfaces, but also APIs and firmware implementations.

  • DHAFSEC membership is by invitation only.

Interested parties may send inquiries to, but responses will be forthcoming only on a case-by-case basis. Banks, mainstream corporate drones, and anyone with a '.gov' email address need not apply.


DLT Hardware And Firmware Standards Engineering Committee



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