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What is this?

This is the source code to the project currently code-named "dragon", an interactive fiction game (or more commonly known as "text adventure".)

The code is released under the MIT license, which you can find in the LICENSE file.

The game is written in the Inform 7 programming language, using version 6M62, and Vorple 3 (preview), which leverages Javascript and CSS, which accounts for the strangely non-parser-like look of this parser-based story.

You can download the compiler and IDE as a single package from

Vorple is available at

When compiled, the source code produces glulxe bytecode, which the vorple interpreter executes via javascript:

The game's source code lives in a single file called '' -- this file, some .i7x extensions, along with the 'uuid.txt', are the primary things kept under version control.

To build the game:

1. Create a working Inform project from your source tree:

	$ git clone URL dragon

	$ cd dragon

	$ mv dragon.inform/ temp.inform/

[...launch Inform, create new project in this dir called 'dragon'…]

	$ cp temp.inform/Source/ dragon.inform/Source/

	$ cp temp.inform/uuid.txt dragon.inform/

	$ rm -rf temp.inform/

2. Install extensions. The extensions used in this project are all "stock" -- 
none have been modified, but there's always the concern about versions and 
compatability. For that reason, I've put copies of all used extensions in the 
dragon/extensions directory. If the whole project is cloned, these files will 
come along for the ride. Be sure to install them into your local copy of inform 
when you compile.

3. Launch the Inform IDE and load the dragon.inform project.  The source code 
should be visible, and it should compile fine. Make	sure that Inform's 
settings are are set to "Glulx" as the target VM. Remember to force-reload the game
in a web browser to dump whatever is in the cache and be sure that you are running
the most recent version of the game. See vorple documentation for details on how
this all works.

4. This version of the game is not intended to work in an interpreter -- it is only
for the web.


DO NOT do any version control operations (commit, push, and particularly, 
pull, update, and merge) while the Inform IDE  is still open.  When the IDE 
'saves', it destroys and recreates  the whole cerveux.inform/ directory, thus
possibly eradicating and changes you may have downloaded.  


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