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AS5048B Breakout Board


This is a printed circuit board to break out the AS5048B rotary encoder to a four-pin I2C connection. This chip returns a 14-bit absolute radial position. The PCB also provides holes for two alignment pins, the CAD for which is given in AS5048B_Encoder_Board.dxf.



The AS5048B reads the absolute radial position of a diametrically polarized magnet which rotates above the center of the chip (center marked by yellow 'X' in dxf). Many magnet configurations can be used, we have found success with a 3mm diameter N52 magnet positioned 2mm away from the die surface of the chip. More detailed application notes are available in the datasheet


The board needs to be populated with the AS5048B, as well as a 10μF 603 surface mount capacitor. There are pads for SDA SCL Vcc and GND on the top and bottom of the PCB, for daisy-chaining several boards together. There are pads on the back of the chip for mounting an optional 6-pin Molex connector

Two solder jumpers on the back of the board set the 7-bit I2C address of the chip to be:

    0b10000 A2 A1

Where A1 and A2 are the logical values of the solder-bridged jumpers.


ams-enc in imageproc-lib is example code to communicate with the chip. This code uses a blocking read, which is a bit of a faux-pas in a real time loop. For an example of an asynchronous update, see a different version of ams-enc in my repository.