DEPRECATED: replaced by dhaley/dot-emacs. My public (ball of wax) emacs configuration.
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DEPRECATED: replaced by

E-Wax emacs

A bodacious literate elisp instance of Eric Schulte's Emacs Starter

More power!
[✔]Win[ ]Lose

Here's what in the box:

* Org-mode 7.8.08 - how to organize your life and get things done...
* Bernt Hansen GTD Org-Mode config (cowabunga, dude!)
* Ma Gnus v0.6 - the most powerful pop/IMAP/nntp client ever?
* BBDB 3.02 - the newest big brother for sucking up your contacts' email
* ERC - powerful IRC client
* CLI like Tron would use - eterm and ani-term
* Solarized Color Theme
* El-get 3.1
* PHP and Drupal helper functions and etags support
* plus mo Rad Free Stuff

To use this config, you must first get Eric's starter kit implemented
in emacs 24 following these installation instructions:

Or just do this:

% git clone .emacs.d

You can now start emacs and let the starter kit download it's required
packages from Marmalade.

While still in emacs 24, download the latest version of el-get devel:

Open up a scratch buffer and evaluate this lisp

   (lambda (s) (let (el-get-master-branch) (goto-char (point-max))

It will take a minute or four for el-get to clone itself, but when this
process is no longer in a ps listing, then you can close down emacs.

When el-get is done,

You should see this message:

"Congrats, el-get is installed and ready to serve!"

Okily Dokily!, now Download E-WAX

% cd ~/.emacs.d
% git submodule add $USER

Now, let's run the E-WAX install script.

% cd $USER
% ./

This will take probably five to ten minutes while gnus and org-mode
download (and byte compile your .el into .elc).

When the script is finished, run emacs, which will download some stuff
with el-get.

You'll know el-get is done when you don't see any git clone action
going on in your process list.

% ps -ef | grep git




Starter Kit functionality that needs improvement:

One thing I don't like about starter kit is that if one has all the
blocks tanlged off or (no elisp blocks at all) the starter kit will
throw an error.

To prevent, that I always end my literate config files (in ~/emacs.d/$USER)
 with the following block just to be safe:

#+begin_src emacs-lisp

(message (concat "0 " (buffer-name) "... Done"))


Also, I included a MAKEFILE in E-Wax to automatically delete .el files
generated from org-babel-tangle file. This is because as you change
your configs, the starter kit is not smart enough to regenerate your

It just does this:      rm -f *.el

This assumes that you don't have any non-literate config files not
generated from org-mode based config files.


E-Wax needs much more annotation.  A lot of documentation and comments
were stripped out when I made this project that should still be put
back in where relevant.

E-Wax Should probably take fuller advantage of autoloads, to more
dynamically only load parts of the confiuration as it is need. Right
now it's pretty monolithic (but good).

A lot of my important GNUS configuration is still in a private
gnus-init-file and needs to be moved into E-Wax.  It needs a lot of
annotation for it to make since to someone new to Gnus.

The PHP and Drupal fucntionality need to be reviewed.

More documentation both inside the code and in this file to come...

E-wax is written, stolen or maintained by Damon Haley

Remember: This is free software. Reuse and learning from existing code
is not just allowed but encouraged.