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ocharles and mergify Remove Dhall.X and replace with Data.Void (#1172)
* Remove Dhall.X and replace with Data.Void

This commit removes the Dhall.X module and the Dhall.X.X type,
preferring the use of Data.Void.Void. As I'm sure a lot of people are
actually using X, I've added a type-alias type X = Void. However,
pattern matching on X would be a breaking change.

Fixes #1120.

* Restore unsafeCoerce

* Fix regression

* Unused

* Reorganise exports

* Fix dhall-nix

* Another fix

* Fix Dhall.LSP.Backend.Typing

* Fix dhall-bash
Latest commit 4a93c25 Aug 5, 2019


For installation or development instructions, see:

Full documentation here:


This dhall-bash package provides a Dhall to Bash compiler so that you can easily marshall Dhall values into your Bash scripts

This does not compile all available Dhall language constructs into Bash and only supports extracting primitive values, lists, optional values and records from normalized expressions.


$ dhall-to-bash <<< '1'
$ dhall-to-bash <<< '"ABC" ++ "DEF"'
$ dhall-to-bash --declare FOO <<< '"ABC" ++ "DEF"'
declare -r FOO=ABCDEF
$ eval $(dhall-to-bash --declare FOO <<< '"ABC" ++ "DEF"')
$ echo "${FOO}"
$ dhall-to-bash --declare BAR
let replicate =
in  replicate 10 Natural 1
declare -r -a BAR=(1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1)
$ dhall-to-bash --declare BAZ <<< '{ qux = 1, xyzzy = True }'
declare -r -A BAZ=([qux]=1 [xyzzy]=true)
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