Dhall in production

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This section covers confirmed uses of Dhall in production. You can open an issue if you would like to list your company or tool here:


Uses Haskell bindings to Dhall to configure application servers

Awake Security

Uses Haskell bindings to Dhall to simplify redundant appliance cluster configurations


Uses dhall-haskell to persist user configuration between command line interface invocations.


Uses Dhall to configure command-line applications (i.e. as an alternative to a JSON configuration)


The Eta programming language supports Dhall for configuring their build tool, Etlas


Uses Dhall customized with additional built-ins as a serializable domain-specific language


Uses dhall-to-yaml to simplify redundant runtime configuration

Kos Media, LLC

Uses dhall, dhall-json, and dhall-nix to convert Dhall definitions for microservice configs and encrypted secrets to various formats including JSON, YAML, and Nix in their delivery pipeline (currently into AWS).

KSF Media

Uses dhall-kubernetes, dhall-to-yaml and dhall-to-text to configure, modularize and template Terraform and Kubernetes configurations

Mira Networks

Uses dhall-haskell to define logs for parsing. The software generates a specific log parser in either Python, Haskell, Elm or Erlang.


Uses dhall to configure their build process

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