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This list accepts and encourages pull requests.

Contribution Guidelines

  • To add to the list: Submit a pull request to, optionally add comment if you wish to elaborate/explain. One pull request for one item.
  • To edit an item: Submit a pull request to, add comment explaining the reasoning behind the change. One pull request for change to one item.
  • To remove from the list: Open an issue

You may add, edit, or request to remove:

  • Categories
  • Items

General conditions

This is an attempt to make a curated list of high-quality, maintained, useful PostgreSQL/related software.

  • Submitting software:
    • Must either be free and open source, or have a note which explicitly states that the software is commercial. (Commercial Software) will do. Must have an acknowledged open source license to be exempt from the (Commercial Software) note requirement. I'm not a lawyer, so I'll go with the FSF listings.
    • Must be reasonably recognized and adopted. Please do not add your newly created untested scripts.
    • The code must have been active in some production environment and must be in a reasonably GA quality.
    • Code must not be abandoned/discontinued.
    • Do not include links to documentation. This is not an "awesome library" repository. We might go for that in the future.
  • If e-book, must be free (as in free beer) and without commitment from the user (e.g. no requirement to enter personal details, no requirement to login with social network ID, etc.)
  • Likewise, all other resources (websites etc.), must all be open to all and must not require payment nor registration/credentials.
    • The only exception being Newsletters, where an email address is required by definition. Newsletters are accepted under the condition that an email address is their only requirement.
  • This is not the place for slides, videos, specific blog posts, specific SQL queries. Will possibly open a dedicated list for these.
  • Avoid politics and religious wars.

Request guidelines

  • Make an individual pull request for each suggestion
  • Use the following format: [item](link) - description.
  • Each item should be limited to one link
  • Include a link to the item in the description of your pull request
  • The link should be the name of the package/project/library/resource etc.
  • Avoid superlatives or FUD and otherwise just stick to a reasonable description
  • Do not capitalize description (i.e. avoid "The Tool to End All Tools")
  • English only

Thank you for contributing!

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