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Gadgedz OS

Gadgedz OS was an operating system based on Ubuntu. The first ever public release of Gadgedz OS, version 0.1 alpha, was released on March 31, 2012, and soon after, development was stalled.


Gadgedz OS was an operating system with utility and usability in mind. In the world of Debian-based distributions, it was one of the first to include GNOME 3 as its default desktop, when Ubuntu went sideways with Unity, and Debian still doesn't come with GNOME 3 as of today. Gadgedz OS came with hundreds of pre-installed applications, including but not limited to VLC, (Chrome, Firefox, Opera), (VirtualBox, VMware), Bluefish, Wine, Pidgin, etc. This helped ensure that the user didn't have to go through hours of installing all their favorite apps after formatting their PC or switching operating systems or buying a new PC, which meant the users could get straight to work(or play) without wasting a single minute. Gadgedz OS managed to pull this off while remaining relatively small in disk size, with the version 0.1 ISO image being less than 1536MB in size, and a fresh installation consuming less than 10GB of disk space. The ISO image was pulled from the website a couple of months after being uploaded, and by the time it was removed from the website, it had received more than 25,000 downloads. As this was simply a development release, the distribution identifiers hadn't been updated yet, so the OS was still identified as Ubuntu by browsers, and DistroWatch. I will be uploading an ISO image for archival purposes. I did burn a couple DVDs, but I since seem to have lost them, and I messed around with my local copy of the ISO image a bit, so it is quite possible that the image may not work/boot. If anyone happens to come across this repo, I'd suggest you to not try using the ISO, since it is considered deprecated.


Initially, Gadgedz OS was based on SUSE Linux, and then was moved to Fedora, then to Debian, before finally moving to Ubuntu. None of the versions apart from the one based on Ubuntu was released to the public.

Release 0.1(Alpha)

Now if you download the 0.1 Alpha release and mount the ISO image, you might notice that the disk image is identified as OPENQBO rather than Gadgedz OS. This is because I was in a hurry for the release, and at the last moment, I broke something. This resulted in the image becoming unbootable, and as I had little time on my hand, I grabbed whichever bootable ISO image based on Ubuntu I could find on my hard drive, and then basically used it as a template for my ISO. Now this was a rushed release, as the scheduled release date was coming up fast, and I'd just switched over from Debian to Ubuntu, which forced me to start all over again, which means that this release has a LOT of rough edges, but yet, in tests I conducted on multiple computers and in multiple scenarios, it was much faster than the Ubuntu release it was based on, especially on older hardware with low resources. To download Release 0.1(Alpha), Click Here

Download and source code

Honoring GitHub's file size limits, I'm not going to be hosting this project on GitHub, no matter how much I love it and prefer it. I'll be hosting the binaries and source code on SourceForge.


An operating system based on Ubuntu; development was stalled in mid-2012




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