ERPmine is an open source free ERP for Service Industries. It runs within Redmine
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This Plugin has the following modules: 1) Time & Expense

Submit Time & Expense Sheets
Approve Time & Expense Sheets
Print Time & Expense Sheets

2) Attendance

Clock In / Clock Out
Check Leave Status
Integrate with Attendance / Time clock devices
Schedule Shifts

3) PayRoll

Setup Payroll data
Generate Salary
Report – Salary Register
Report – Salary Slip

4) Billing

Setup Billable Projects
Generate Invoices


Print Invoices

5) Accounting Create Ledgers Post Financial Transaction

Report – Balance Sheet
Report – Profit & Loss A/c Report

6) CRM Create Lead,Opportunity, Activity and Contacts Report – Lead Conversion

Report – Sales Activity

7) Purchasing Create RFQ, Quote, Purchase Order, Create Supplier Invoice and Supplier Payments Report - Purchasing cycle 8) Inventory

Create Product, Items, Shipments and Asset
Log Material and Asset Entries
Report - Stock and Asset Report.

For more information on features, please refer to the user guide INSTALLATION: Unpack the zip file to the plugins folder of Redmine. Starting from version 1.2, it requires db migration. So run the following command for db migration

rake redmine:plugins:migrate NAME=redmine_wktime RAILS_ENV=production

When uninstalling the plugin, be sure to remove the db changes by running

rake redmine:plugins:migrate NAME=redmine_wktime VERSION=0 RAILS_ENV=production

This plugin uses js and css assets and it will be copied to public/plugin_asset/redmine_wktime folder upon server startup, so please make sure public/plugin_asset/redmine_wktime has proper access. The pdf export requires rmagick gem.

Starting from version 1.5, it requires the gem rufus-scheduler. so run the following command to install the gem bundle install For rufus-scheduler to work , the rails application should be up all the time. If an apache passenger module is used then make sure the following settings are made a) PassengerMinInstances 1 b) RailsAppSpawnerIdleTime 0 c) PassengerPreStart rails-app-url/

Release Notes for 3.3.1 Bug Fixing: - Billing details shown on issue even when billing is disabled We would like to thank Addison for partially sponcered this release.

Customization: For any Customization/Support, please contact us, our consulting team will be happy to help you

Adhi Software Pvt Ltd +1 732 202 5490 +91 44 27470401 +91 44 27470402

Here are the Customizations we have done for our clients: 1. Monthly Calendar - Puny Human 2. Supervisor Approvals - Fotonation 3. Hide Modules and Limit Non Submission Mail - Lyra Network Please provide your rating at Resources: User guide:

Overview presentation in open office format:

Training Videos: For more Videos: For more: