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A fun little project for custom Microsoft® Visual Studio Code Icons. All rights reserved with @Microsoft and the respective creators of the themes.

Also checkout the Terminal Icons Project.

Default macOS BigSur


Vintage Apple Macintosh 1984

Apple Mac 1984Apple Mac 1984Apple Mac 1984

Based on the Popular Themes

Hovering on them will reveal the names, and clicking them will take you to the theme pages.

Cobalt 2

Based on the Popular Apps

How to Install

Mac OS:

From the Applications folder, right click on the Visual Studio App and select Get Info

Once the Info panel is open, simply drag and drop the .icns file you want on the top left corner.


Right click on the shortcut App Icon, select properties and then shortcut tab and then change icon button.

In case App Icon is pinned to your Taskbar, it requires some additional steps. You need to have VS Code closed for this to work. Hold Shift and right click on pinned icon. Then, proceed the same as above (properties / change icon). Changes will be visible on next login, or alternatively you can restart explorer.exe process.


Just change the icon path in the file at /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/code_code.desktop.

This file path may be different for your system, you can find the path through locate code_code.desktop.

You can get in touch with me at Twitter: @dhanishgajjar I post awesome stuff at Instagram: @dhanishgajjar