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Visual Studio Code App Icons

A fun little project for custom Microsoft® Visual Studio Code Icons. All rights reserved with @Microsoft and the respective owners of the themes I am using whether it is Marvel, DC or simple editor themes.

Hacktoberfest V

This was created by Felix


Based on the Popular Themes

Hovering on them will reveal the names, and clicking them will take you to the theme pages.

Cobalt 2

Based on Super Heroes

All rights reserved etc to DC and Marvel. I own nothing. Just inspired by the characters :)

Apps, OS


These icons were contributed by @clarkio

New Year's Day Christmas Chanukah Kwanza Valentine's Day St. Patrick's Day Easter Independence Day Halloween Thanksgiving

Movies, TVShows, Books and Games

These icons were contributed by Jessica Van Rooyen

These icons were contributed by Liam Richardson

This icon was contributed by George


These icons were contributed by Aral Tasher

These icons were contributed by Alex Aquino


These icons were contributed by Akash Debnath

This icon was contributed by Rajdeep Ratan

These icons were contributed by Sem

These icons were contributed by Harold AO


These icons were contributed by Andrew Mundy

Pixar Characters

How to Contribute

  • Download the vscode.sketch file
  • There are a lot of versions. It makes it easy to for anyone to change colors
  • Make a copy of any of the versions
  • Change the colors and create your icon
  • Select the artboard and export a svg file
  • Select the artboard again and export a png file, but @0.25x (256 x 256)
  • Open the terminal, go to the directory where the svg and png were exported
  • Run sips -s format icns <nameOfIcon>.png --out <nameOfIcon>.icns
  • Download ImageMagick:
  • Run convert -density 384 <nameOfIcon>.png <nameOfIcon>.ico
  • Drop the files into their respective locations:
    • png to vscode-icons/linux
    • icns to vscode-icons/macOS
    • ico to vscode-icons/windows
    • svg to vscode-icons/svg
  • Make sure, the vscode.sketch file is saved and committed
  • Make sure you have not edited any icons other than your own
  • Send pull request

VSCode Icons Manager

Please check out this VSCode Icon Manager made in Electron by Federico Vitale

VSCode Icon Generator

An icon generator that allows you to easily change the background and accent colour online. Made by DJDMorrison

How to Install

Mac OS:

Easiest way to change the icons is by using Just Drag and Drop the custom icon and hit Apply Changes.

Copy the .icns file you'd like to use. Find VS Code in your Applications folder, right click the icon and select Get Info. Click the icon in the top right corner so that a blue highlight appears around it. ⌘ + V to paste the new icon in. It may take a few restarts of VS Code for the icon to take.

If for some reason that doesn't work, then dragging the .icns to the icon (in the top left) of the info pane, until you see the green plus sign and then dropping it works.

Important Notes Once you have added the desired image, you may delete the source image after the icon has changes as OS X - Mojave are able to save this information without using the image path.


Right click on the shortcut App Icon, select properties and then shortcut tab and then change icon button.


Just change the icon path in the file at /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/code_code.desktop.

This file path may be different for your system, you can find the path through locate code_code.desktop.


Daredevil and Luke Cage by @Rawnly

Batgirl, Sublime Text, Neon, Spotify, White on Black and Black on White by @fnky

Monokai Pro and Night Owl by @coltborg

Neon Set by @andrewmundy

Disclaimer for Setapp

Icons inspired from Setapp brand colors are created by me. They are not created by Setapp or are based on their brand guidelines

You can get in touch with me at Twitter: @dhanishgajjar I post awesome stuff at Instagram: @dhanishgajjar

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