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Sitebricks: A fast platform for web development.
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NOTICE Apache license information & beginnigns of options module Support for transactions and work units in arbitrary SQL backends (si… o atom-based POMs that can be used in the reactor properly Added convenience script that builds only the core modules
pom.atom Implemented final leg of pluggable templates, there were a few spots …
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Sitebricks is a simple set of libraries for web applications. Sitebricks focuses on early error detection, low-footprint code, and fast development. Powered by Guice, it also balances idiomatic Java with an emphasis on concise code.

Early error detection

This following misspelling results in a template compile error:

All such errors are picked up early and reported at once in a format similar to javac.

1) unknown or unresolvable property: naem

 15:      <body>
 16:          ${person.naem}</li>

Total errors: 1

Next steps

We would love your contributions and help in developing Sitebricks at this early stage. If you'd like to contribute or have any questions, please join the mailing list.

Or send us a note on twitter @dhanji =)

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