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pragma solidity 0.5.11;
import "../../../interfaces/MinimalEscapeHatchRegistryInterface.sol";
* @title AdharmaSmartWalletImplementation
* @author 0age
* @notice The Adharma smart wallet is an emergency implementation wallet that
* can be immediately upgraded to by the Upgrade Beacon Controller Manager in
* the event of a critical-severity exploit, or after a 90-day period of
* inactivity by Dharma. It gives the user direct, sole custody and control over
* their smart wallet until the Upgrade Beacon Controller Manager issues another
* upgrade to the implementation contract. If the user has set an escape hatch
* for the account, it will have authority over the smart wallet during the
* contingency - otherwise, the user signing key in storage slot zero will have
* that authority.
contract AdharmaSmartWalletImplementation {
// The key is still held in storage slot zero.
address private _key;
// The escape hatch registry address is hard-coded as a constant.
MinimalEscapeHatchRegistryInterface private constant _ESCAPE_HATCH = (
// The smart wallet can receive funds, though it is inadvisable.
function () external payable {}
// Keep the initializer function on the contract in case a smart wallet has
// not yet been deployed but the account still contains funds.
function initialize(address key) external {
// Ensure that this function is only callable during contract construction.
assembly { if extcodesize(address) { revert(0, 0) } }
// Ensure that a key is set on this smart wallet.
require(key != address(0), "No key provided.");
// Set up the key.
_key = key;
// The escape hatch account, or the key account if no escape hatch is set, has
// sole authority to make calls from the smart wallet during the contingency.
function performCall(
address payable to, uint256 amount, bytes calldata data
) external payable returns (
bool ok, bytes memory returnData
) {
// Determine if an escape hatch is set on the registry for this account.
(bool escapeHatchSet, address escapeHatch) = _ESCAPE_HATCH.getEscapeHatch();
// Set escape hatch account as permitted caller, or user key if none is set.
address authority = escapeHatchSet ? escapeHatch : _key;
// Ensure that the call originates from the designated caller.
require(msg.sender == authority, "Caller prohibited.");
// Perform the call, forwarding all gas and supplying given value and data.
(ok, returnData) =;
// Revert and pass along the revert reason if the call reverted.
require(ok, string(returnData));
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