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import Distribution.Simple
import Distribution.Simple.LocalBuildInfo
import Distribution.Simple.Setup
import Distribution.PackageDescription
import System.Cmd
import System.Directory
import System.FilePath
import System.IO
import System.Process
import Control.Monad
-- Part 1
-- ------
-- Add a build callout
-- We need to build elm-doc and run it because that generates the file "docs.json" needs by Libraries.hs
-- which is part of the elm library and executable
-- Unfort. there seems to be no way to tell cabal that:
-- (a) elm-doc generates docs.json, and
-- (b) elm (library) depends on docs.json
-- Therefore, we either use make instead (or a script), or hack around in cabal
-- Part 2
-- ------
-- Add a post-build callout.
-- We need to build the runtime.js after we've built elm (because we use elm to generate some of the JavaScript),
-- but before cabal does the install file copy step
-- Assumptions
-- Elm.cabal expects the generated files to end up in dist/data
rtsDir lbi = (buildDir lbi) </> ".." </> "data" -- git won't look in dist + cabal will clean it
jsDir lbi = (buildDir lbi) </> ".." </> "js"
-- The runtime is called:
rts lbi = (rtsDir lbi) </> "elm-runtime.js"
-- The json file is called:
-- The elm-docs executable is called:
elmDoc = "elm-doc"
elm_doc lbi = (buildDir lbi) </> elmDoc </> elmDoc
types lbi = (rtsDir lbi) </> "docs.json"
-- buildDir with LocalBuildInfo points to "dist/build" (usually)
elm lbi = (buildDir lbi) </> "elm" </> "elm"
-- Care! This appears to be based on an unstable API
-- See:
main :: IO ()
main = defaultMainWithHooks simpleUserHooks { {-- buildHook = myBuild, --} postBuild = myPostBuildWithTypes }
-- Build
-- Not currently used. buildTypes is in 'myPostBuildWithTypes'
-- If using this again, change postBuild to 'myPostBuild'
-- Purpose is to make sure docs.json was built before elm exec was (as elm exec depended on it)
-- This is no longer true and the code below seems to affect cabal's build dependencies
myBuild :: PackageDescription -> LocalBuildInfo -> UserHooks -> BuildFlags -> IO ()
myBuild pd lbi uh bf = do
putStrLn $ "Custom build step started: compile " ++ elmDoc
withExe pd (\x -> putStrLn (exeName x))
buildHook simpleUserHooks (filterExe elmDoc pd) (filterLBI elmDoc lbi) uh bf
putStrLn "Custom build step started: build docs.json"
buildTypes lbi -- see note(1) below
putStrLn "Custom build step started: compile everything"
buildHook simpleUserHooks pd lbi uh bf
-- note(1): We use to include docs.json directly into LoadLibraries at compile time
-- If docs.json is used in other (template) haskell files, they should be copied
-- and compiled in a separate directory (eg, dist/copiedSrc).
-- This is to make sure they are re-compiled on docs.json changes.
-- Copying is a better solution than 'touch'ing the source files
-- (touch is non-portable and confusing wrt RCS).
-- In the PackageDescription, the list of stuff to build is held in library (in a Maybe)
-- and the executables list. We want a PackageDescription that only mentions the executable 'name'
filterExe name pd = pd {
library = Nothing,
executables = filter (\x -> (exeName x == name)) (executables pd)
-- It's not enough to fix the PackageDescription, we also have to fix the LocalBuildInfo.
-- This includes the component build order (data ComponentName) which is horribly internal.
filterLBI name lbi = lbi {
libraryConfig = Nothing,
compBuildOrder = [CExeName name],
executableConfigs = filter (\a -> (fst a == name)) (executableConfigs lbi)
buildTypes lbi = do
createDirectoryIfMissing False (rtsDir lbi) -- dist should already exist
files <- getFiles ".elm" "libraries"
system (elm_doc lbi ++ " " ++ unwords files ++ " > " ++ (types lbi))
putStrLn $ "Custom build step completed: " ++ elmDoc
-- Post Build
myPostBuildWithTypes :: Args -> BuildFlags -> PackageDescription -> LocalBuildInfo -> IO ()
myPostBuildWithTypes as bfs pd lbi = do
putStrLn "Custom build step started: build docs.json"
buildTypes lbi -- see note(1) below
myPostBuild as bfs pd lbi
myPostBuild :: Args -> BuildFlags -> PackageDescription -> LocalBuildInfo -> IO ()
myPostBuild as bfs pd lbi = do
putStrLn "Custom post build step started: build elm-runtime.js"
buildRuntime lbi
postBuild simpleUserHooks as bfs pd lbi
getFiles ext dir = do
contents <- map (dir </>) `fmap` getDirectoryContents dir
let files = filter (\f -> takeExtension f == ext) contents
dirs = filter (not . hasExtension) contents
filess <- mapM (getFiles ext) dirs
return (files ++ concat filess)
appendJS lbi file = do
putStrLn (dropExtension file)
str <- readFile file
length str `seq` return ()
appendFile (rts lbi) str
appendElm lbi file = do
jsFile <- runElm lbi file
appendJS lbi jsFile
-- replace 'system' call with 'runProcess' which handles args better and allows env variable
-- "Elm_datadir" which is used by LoadLibraries to find docs.json
runElm :: LocalBuildInfo -> String -> IO FilePath
runElm lbi file = do
rts_c <- canonicalizePath (rts lbi) -- dist/data/elm-runtime.js
let js = jsDir lbi -- dist/js
let j = dropFileName (js </> file) -- dist/js/libraries/
createDirectoryIfMissing True j -- must do before any canonicalization
out_c <- canonicalizePath js -- dist/js (root folder)
elm_c <- canonicalizePath (elm lbi) -- dist/build/elm/elm
rtd_c <- canonicalizePath (rtsDir lbi) -- dist/data (for docs.json)
handle <- runProcess elm_c ["--only-js", "--no-prelude", "--output-directory="++out_c, file]
Nothing (Just [("Elm_datadir", rtd_c)]) Nothing Nothing Nothing
exitCode <- waitForProcess handle
return $ j </> replaceExtension (takeFileName file) ".js"
buildRuntime lbi = do
createDirectoryIfMissing False (rtsDir lbi) -- dist should already exist
writeFile (rts lbi) "Elm = {}; Elm.Native = {}; Elm.Native.Graphics = {};\n\
\Elm.Graphics = {}; ElmRuntime = {}; ElmRuntime.Render = {}\n"
mapM_ (appendJS lbi) =<< getFiles ".js" "libraries"
mapM_ (appendElm lbi) =<< getFiles ".elm" "libraries"
mapM_ (appendJS lbi) =<< getFiles ".js" "runtime"
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