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Computer Algebra and Symbolic Computation in C#
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Symbolism - A Computer Algebra Library for C#

Library that implements automatic simplification of algebraic expressions in C#.

To get an idea of the kinds of expressions it handles, see the tests in this file.

The automatic simplification algorithm comes from the book "Computer Algebra and Symbolic Computation: Mathematical Methods" by Joel S. Cohen.

The core of the system is in Symbolism.cs.

Symbolism currently targets .NET Standard 2.0 and thus can be used in .NET projects on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Nuget package available here.

Setup on Linux

Tutorial on how to build and run a simple Symbolism program on Linux.


The "PSE 5E" examples and problems in the unit tests are from the textbook "Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 5th Edition" by Serway and Jewett. Here's an index of some of the examples.

Here's a walk-through of solving a physics problem.

A slightly more complex walk-through.

Walk-through of solving a laws of motion problem.

In action:

Unit test for that example.

See also

Symbolism began as a port of the Scheme MPL library to C#.

GiNaC and SymbolicC++ are of course very inspirational.


Computer Algebra and Symbolic Computation: Elementary Algorithms by Joel S. Cohen

Computer Algebra and Symbolic Computation: Mathematical Methods by Joel S. Cohen

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