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@@ -47,24 +47,23 @@ Some of the libraries are:
The rest of the libraries are mostly support for the demos.
* Demos
A couple of demo highlights. [[file:demos][Browse]] the rest.
** springies
Long before [[][Sodaplay]] existed, [[][Doug DeCarlo]] wrote [[][xspringies]]. Springies
is an implementation of the engine in xspringies. Note that this is
not a binding to any C library; this is an honest to goodness mass and
spring simulation written in pure Scheme. To me, this is a
demonstration that Scheme can be a high-performance language.
** cfdg
An implementation of the [[][Context Free Art]] semantics. It also renders
the models. :-) Only a subset of the full ContextFree language is
supported, but I picked a subset which allows for some nice pieces to
be rendered.
+** flexi-line
+A port of a [[][demo]] I found on [[][Open Processing]].
+** empathy
+A port of a [[][demo]] by [[][Kyle McDonald]] I found on [[][Open Processing]].
+** ca
+Simulator for the [[][generations]] family of cellular automata.
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