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Box2D is a physics engine written in C++ by Erin Catto. Box2D Lite is a simpler version which Erin posted to his blog once upon a time. This is a port of Box2D Lite to R6RS Scheme.


$ cd ~/scheme # Where '~/scheme' is the path to your Scheme libraries
$ git clone git://
$ git clone git://
$ git clone git://

Running the demos

Run a demo in Ikarus

$ ikarus --r6rs-script ~/scheme/box2d-lite/demos/small-pyramid.sps

Run a demo in Chez

$ scheme --program ~/scheme/box2d-lite/demos/small-pyramid.sps

Run a demo in Larceny

$ larceny --r6rs --program ~/scheme/box2d-lite/demos/small-pyramid.sps


Chez Scheme

OpenGL library for Chez Scheme: chez-gl.

On my system, I keep R6RS libraries in ~/scheme. I keep chez-gl in ~/src. So my CHEZSCHEMELIBDIRS is set like this in my ~/.bashrc:

export CHEZSCHEMELIBDIRS=~/scheme:~/src/chez-gl

Make a demo load faster in Ikarus

$ ikarus --compile-dependencies ~/scheme/box2d-lite/demos/small-pyramid.sps


dominos screenshot