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$ cd ~/scheme # Where '~/scheme' is the path to your Scheme libraries
$ git clone git://

(dharmalab math basic)

Constant: pi

(square <number>)

Curried versions of various procedures:

(add <number>)

(multiply-by <number>)

(subtract-from <number>)

(subtract <number>)

(divide <number>)

(divide-by <number>)

(greater-than  <number>)
(greater-than= <number>)

(less-than  <number>)
(less-than= <number>)

(dharmalab misc curry)

Macro: (curry (proc param ...))

Create a curried version of 'vector-set!':

> (define put (curry (vector-set! a b c)))
> (define v0 '#(a b c d e))
> (((put v0) 0) 'x)
> v0
#(x b c d e)

(dharmalab records define-record-type)

Macro: define-record-type++


(define-record-type++ point
  (fields x y))

(define p (make-point 10 20))

(is-point p)

(list p.x p.y) ;; ---> (10 20)

(define (distance-from-origin p)
  (import-point p)
  (sqrt (+ (* x x) (* y y))))

(dharmalab misc time entry)

The standard time macro is provided by many implementations, but exported from different libraries. This is a common interface to it.

(time <expression>)

(dharmalab misc gen-id)

(gen-id <identifier> <string-or-syntax> ...)

As seen in The Scheme Programming Lanaugage.

(dharmalab misc queue)

Purely functional queue.

(dharmalab misc is-list)

> (import (dharmalab misc is-list))
> (define numbers '(1 2 3 4 5))
> (is-list numbers)
> (numbers.ref 0)
> (numbers.length)
> ( (lambda (x) (* x x)))
(1 4 9 16 25)

(dharmalab misc is-vector)

Similar to is-list.