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* Notes

    The development version of Ypsilon is needed.

    dzen2 is used to display a pager.

    dmenu is used for the window menus.

    The first time you start cons-wm, there will be a noticeable delay
    while Ypsilon compiles the xlib library in the background. After
    that, it will start much faster.

* Setup

    $ cd ~/scheme

    $ bzr branch lp:~derick-eddington/scheme-libraries/xitomatl

    $ git clone git://github.com/dharmatech/psilab.git

* Running

    $ ypsilon ~/scheme/psilab/cons-wm/cons-wm.sps

* Key bindings

    mod-key + return    Start xterm
    mod-key + p         Start dmenu_run
    mod-key + u         Unmapped windows menu
    mod-key + h         Hidden windows menu
    mod-key + q         Exit
    mod-key + 0..9      Switch to desktop

* Mouse bindings

    mod-key + button-1  Move window
    mod-key + button-2  Hide window
    mod-key + button-3  Resize window